About Rowland S. Buck

I am the Lead Pastor of Burks United Methodist Church, Hixson, Tennesee.

I am passionate about 4 things.

One – God, whose name is Jesus. If life isn’t working, at some point it is because we’ve chosen to do life our own way and not His. Since He is the Lord of Life — that’s not a good idea. And it isn’t like He’s just waiting for you to mess up so He can say, “I told you so.” And it isn’t like he wants to judge you, like so many people in church make you feel. He loves you and He wants the best for you. And that’s why He’s given you the best — Himself. That’s what the cross is all about, He died in your place so He could give you His life. You don’t deserve it, and I don’t either. I think that is the best thing about God — His grace.in hoodie

Two – my wife and family. I am a blessed man to know the love of a godly woman and to have two sons that love the Lord Jesus.

Three — the Bible. I have loved this book since I was a kid, and have made it my life’s journey to understand it better. I don’t yet, but the more I read it, the more I love it. And the more I love it, the more I love Him. The Scriptures feed my number one passion, and inform all my others.

Four — the local church. Yes, for some of you, I know that sounds crazy, but when the local church is working right, as God designed it (see number 3 above) there is nothing like it on the planet; no other institution, organization, or community even comes close in its compassion, love, and experience of the Living God. But when it isn’t working right, it is like nothing else on the planet, either. I’m a pastor because I believe God wants His church to work right. I want to help. I’m glad He lets me.

2 thoughts on “About Rowland S. Buck

  1. Interesting !!! Are you perchance related to the late Rowland H. Buck of Boise, Idaho ??? Careful … Reading “Angels On Assignment” might turn you into a “pulpit-pounder”
    Kent Olson

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